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[FAQ] What is the Standard Username and Password for a Poly Phone

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[FAQ] What is the Standard Username and Password for a Poly Phone

Password Reset Request:

If your phone is still able to connect to the Provisioning server via a DHCP Option please reset the password via the Device Parameters documented in the Admin Guide or explained below.

An example configuration for Poly phones running UC Software is attached which can be unzipped


UC Software 5.9.7 or 6.3.0 or later


The California legislature has mandated specific requirements for password protection of Internet-connected devices in SB 327, which will become operative on January 1, 2020


Poly added the California password law sb-327 >here< so simply use 456 as the old and then add a new password.


This is required after a Factory reset and/or after an upgrade to 5.9.7 or later or since 6.3.0 or later


Standard Username and Password using SIP or UC Software (For ObiHai check below):


User name = Polycom (case sensitive)

Admin Password = 456

User Password = 123


You can change the Admin Password via:




Or manually on the phone:


  • Press Menu Key => select Settings => select Advanced => current Password =>  select Admin Settings => scroll to Change Admin Password


A guide on how to reset the password can be found => here <=


Standard Username and Password using ObiHai Software:


Username: admin
Password: admin


A user may want to change this to HTTPs. Please navigate to System Management > Device Admin and untick Default and change port 80 to 443


Continuation of Polycom (not ObiHai):


In addition, the Provisioning Server can be used to set the Password so an End User cannot make changes to the Phone settings.


Please use the following as a template:


<device device.set="1">
<auth device.auth.localAdminPassword.set="1" device.auth.localAdminPassword=""/>


Change the localAdminPassword="" to the Password of your choice.


To change the User password:










and add the localUserPassword="" to any desired password


> UCS 4.0.0


Since UCS 4.0.0 the Web Interface has now the possibility to login as a User (restricted) or an Admin (unrestricted) with the standard passwords provided as above.




UC Software 5.4.0 or later


UC Software 5.4.0 added the new up.basicSettingsPasswordEnabled="1"  Parameter to prompt for a Password within the Basic Menu.


NOTE: Please ensure to consult the Admin Guide as the command may vary depending on the SIP / UC Software Version


UC Software 5.9.7 or 6.3.0 or later


Poly added the California password law sb-327 >here< so simply use 456 as the old and then add a new password.

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