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[FAQ] Where can I download configuration files from or create these myself?

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[FAQ] Where can I download configuration files from or create these myself?

Each released version of SIP or UCS software contains the relevant supported configuration files that, depending on the software Version, are needed to provision the phone.


The compatible Software and prior versions can be downloaded from => here <= , need to be decompressed / unzipped and then to be placed on a provision server.


NOTE: Do not ever mix configuration files from previous versions with newer versions!


The SIP Software releases traditionally included the 000000000000.cfg, the sip.cfg and the phone1.cfg


Since the appearance of newer phone models, older phones have been classed as legacy phones, and the newer phones software now may contain a sip_(Version of Sip).cfg and a phone1_(Version of Sip).cfg


This allows a mix of phones and guarantees backwards capability.


NOTE: Please consult the SIP / UCS Admin Guide matching your software version!


Every Software Version prior to UCS 3.3.0 always needed the phone to be able to download its sip.cfg / phone1.cfg files.


UCS 3.3.0 removed the need for this and the phone does only need to download either the templates files listed in the \Config subdirectory or any self-created files that had been listed within the CONFIG_FILES=" " section of a 000000000000.cfg or manually created <mac>.cfg.


Example file's from within the \Config subdirectory within UCS 3.3.0:




The user must specify the files that should be loaded via the CONFIG_FILES="" section as these are not automatically loaded.


For more details please check => here <=


NOTE: The files within the \Config are only templates and individual parameters can be copied & pasted into a manually created file(s) instead! 


Example applications.cfg


In the above example the parameter

<apps.restapi apps.restapi.enabled="0">

is disabled aka ="0".


This matches the factory configuration so specifying the file within the config_files="" section would not actually make any changes unless this applications.cfg file would be modified.


Manually creating a configuration file:


NOTE: Please note that the configuration file must be XML conform or the phone will ignore it!


In order to change the standard value of a single parameter it is easier to create an individual file.


The example parameter used in below is se.rt.enabled="1"


If 0, the ringtone feature is not enabled on the phone. If 1 (default), the ringtone feature is enabled.


Using UCS 3.3.0 or newer (check the matching admin guide) the parameter is contained in the template file features.cfg.


Opening the file with an XML compatible editor like Notepadd++ shows all the template parameters. 




Copying and pasting the relevant section into a new window will allow the user to simply change one individual setting and load this file via the 000000000000.cfg or manually created <mac>.cfg.




Above shows an individual file stored as rt.cfg and the value changed from the factory default 1 into 0.




Above shows the individually created <mac>.cfg file loading the rt.cfg via the  CONFIG_FILES="" section from the provisioning server root directory.


Only the individual Phone with this MAC address will load this parameter.


NOTE: Substitution placeholders can be used as shown => here <=


UC Software 4.0.0 or later:


Since UCS 4.0.0 the phone can import configuration files via the Web Interface. For more Information please check => here <=



This is useful in order to add configuration changes to an individual phone with Parameters that are not available to change via the Web Interface or the Phone GUI.


The expected format would be an XML file with the .cfg as a file extension.




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