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FTP Provisioning of IP650 and IP331 failing to work.

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FTP Provisioning of IP650 and IP331 failing to work.



I have referenced a config file called messagecentre.cfg in my 12x0.cfg file which applies to all polycom phones on the network.


The contents of both files are shown below, and when the phone boots it fails to get the expected change which is the phone dialling *4 when a user presses the messages button or selects to connect to the message centre upon an active MWI.


**************** 000000000000.cfg FILE ****************



<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
<!-- Default Master SIP Configuration File-->
<!-- For information on configuring Polycom VoIP phones please refer to the -->
<!-- Configuration File Management white paper available from: -->
<!-- -->
<!-- $RCSfile: 000000000000.cfg,v $  $Revision: $ -->
<APPLICATION_SPIP300 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP300="sip_213.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SPIP300="phone1_213.cfg, sip_213.cfg"/>
<APPLICATION_SPIP500 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP500="sip_213.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SPIP500="phone1_213.cfg, sip_213.cfg"/>
<APPLICATION_SPIP301 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP301="sip_316.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SPIP301="phone1_316.cfg, sip_316.cfg"/>
<APPLICATION_SPIP501 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP501="sip_316.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SPIP501="phone1_316.cfg, sip_316.cfg"/>
<APPLICATION_SPIP430 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP430="sip_323.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SPIP430="phone1_323.cfg, sip_323.cfg"/>
<APPLICATION_SPIP600 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP600="sip_316.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SPIP600="phone1_316.cfg, sip_316.cfg"/>
<APPLICATION_SPIP601 APP_FILE_PATH_SPIP601="sip_316.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SPIP601="phone1_316.cfg, sip_316.cfg"/>
<APPLICATION_SSIP4000 APP_FILE_PATH_SSIP4000="sip_316.ld" CONFIG_FILES_SSIP4000="phone1_316.cfg, sip_316.cfg"/>


********** messagecentre.cfg FILE  *****************


<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?>
   <MSG msg.mwi.1.callBackMode="contact" msg.mwi.1.callBack="*4" msg.bypassInstantMessage="1"/>
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Re: FTP Provisioning of IP650 and IP331 failing to work.

Hello icsnettech,

welcome to the Polycom Support Community.

Please post the <mac>-boot.log and <mac>-app.log in order to verify that the phone is actually trying to load and apply the  messagecentre.cfg

Best regards


Steffen Baier

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