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Factory Reset Query - Soundpoint 300 series

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Factory Reset Query - Soundpoint 300 series



Can anybody advise me if I am missing the obvious with a question regarding factory reset - Polycom Quick Tip 18298


When I take delivery of a brand new Soundpoint handset I am sure it is devoid of any previous config and the display name is something like Soundpoint IP.


When we recycle handsets from previous customers using either or all of the 3 methods contained in the Polycom Quick Tip document, some residual data from the previous user is still stored until the device is re-provisioned. This is typically the display name and extension number etc.


My company auto provisions handsets using a central server, so when this old device goes out to a new user and it auto provisions, the customer is non the wiser. However if the provisioning link fails and the handset loads its previous stored config, the new user will see the old customer data.

Whilst this is not a major problem some customers do not appreciate used equipment even though it is in full working order.


Is there a way of returning the unit back to its original factory condition that I am no aware of ?


Many thanks.



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Re: Factory Reset Query - Soundpoint 300 series



I believe holding down the dial pad keys to reset the configurations only reset the network configurations. Have you looked at the FAQ: Perhaps, Menu -> Settings -> Advanced -> Admin Settings -> Reset to Default -> Format File System?




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Re: Factory Reset Query - Soundpoint 300 series

Thanks Andrew.


Yes that is my only real option at this time. However even after a format file system if the handset fails to re-provision automatically through the provisioning server, it will default back to its last known config which is the old customer data.


Even when I combine a rest config and format file system this issue is still occurs.


So basically I am still looking for this illusive "wipe all" procedure.



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Re: Factory Reset Query - Soundpoint 300 series

Hello Buzzby,

welcome to the Polycom Community.


It is always useful to post the exact model and the current software version as phones like the SoundStation IP 300 and 301 are end of life / end of sale.

As Andrew already highlighted the Factory reset Key Combination only resets the network settings.

A format file system wipes the data of the phone and should not contain any old customer data.


Not knowing how the phones are provisioned it is simply possible that the phone connects to the provisioning boot server and downloads an old configuration. Without a log or a wireshark trace its hard to verify or confirm.


Please ensure you provide some details in order for others to replicate and verify your findings. 

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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