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Flexible setaing login via pin - vvx

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Flexible setaing login via pin - vvx

Hi all


has anyone been able to get flexible seating working via logging in via a pin code?


in admin guide 550 it states:


pg 204:



BroadSoft Flexible Seating
Available on the BroadWorks R20 server, Flexible Seating allows you to configure a host phone that users
can log in to and access their registered line. After the user logs in, user settings are replicated on the host
phone as a guest profile and the registered phone line is then active on both the primary phone and the host
You have the option to configure a PIN for the guest profile. Users can access their guest profile on a host
phone using a PIN which prevents others from logging them out with the phone password. The PIN takes
precedence over the local phone password and the guest user must log out of the phone with the PIN before
another user can log in with their password. On the BroadWorks server, you can configure a period of time
after which the server automatically logs out a user from a phone in case a user does not log out.
You can configure each Guest Profile to replicate the BroadSoft UC-One contact directory and favorites to
the host phone, but the Polycom contact directory and favorites cannot be replicated. Once a user is logged
in to a host phone, any settings changes are not automatically synchronized between the host phone and
the primary phone. Settings can be manually synchronized from the BroadSoft BroadWorks server.

pg 205:
 NULL (default)
4 - 10 digits
Set a security pin for the Flexible Seating guest line on the host phone.
1 (default) - Specifies the phone line on the host phone which hosts the guest line.
hotelingMode.type -1 (Default): The parameter does not exist on the Broadsoft server.
0 - Both Flexible Seating and Hoteling are disabled on the BroadSoft Device
Management Server (DMS).
1 - Hoteling is enabled
2 - Flexible Seating is enabled but guest is not logged in.
3 - Flexible seating location is enabled and guest is logged in


I have the following in my config file:


    <feature.hoteling feature.hoteling.enabled="1" />

<hoteling hoteling.reg="1" hotelingMode.type="2""6157"/>​


Sip load/firmware etc details are:


Phone Information
Phone Model	VVX 601
Part Number	3111-48600-001 Rev:A
UC Software Version
Updater Version

Am I missing anything or does it just not work?  My user has a pin assigned under the Flexible seating options.





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Re: Flexible setaing login via pin - vvx

Hello Dave,

welcome back to the Polycom Community.

I can only suggest you contact BroadWorks support directly as I am unaware what exact configuration is required to get this feature working.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

The title Polycom Employee & Community Manager is a community setting and does not reflect my role. I am just a simple volunteer in the community like everybody else. My official "day" Job is 3rd Level support at Poly but I am unable to provide official support via the community.


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Re: Flexible setaing login via pin - vvx

Hi Steffen


Thanks for the quick supply - I will do and will post the response on here so everyone else who may want to achieve this will know...





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