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G.729 Codec higher priority over G.711

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G.729 Codec higher priority over G.711

I was wonderig if anyone knows why the default configuration for the polycom applications has g.711 at a higher priority then G.729. It seems to me that G.729 would typically be preferred before G.711 due to packet size.


The reason i am bringing this up is we have seen several smaller companies that are trying to share a standard T1 with voice traffic and data traffic. They seem to experience some congestion when they are speaking with another users on the system. These calls are using the G.722 (HD) codec. We were playing with the idea of Disabling the G.722 codec and prioritizing the G.729 above the G.711 protocal to keep the file sizes down.


Anyone see any issues with this thought process.



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Re: G.729 Codec higher priority over G.711

Hello gtaggart,


G711 is a free codec where G729 is a licensed codec as far as I am aware.


Asterisk / Digium for example offers a license to purchase.


You can change the codec order via the Web Gui or via a configuration file to suit your needs.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier

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Re: G.729 Codec higher priority over G.711

So technically there is no reason why Polycom prioritizes g.729 lower than g.711?

ifs done more to be more compatible with the many different Oldfield Platforms available.

I know how to change the priority through Web and config server. My question was more about why that would be the default since it would seen that you would want g.729 before g711.
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Re: G.729 Codec higher priority over G.711


We are doing DMA integration with CUCM , where CUCM need the Audio Codec to be g.711 while polycom send calls with G.729 by default . How to change it on DMA for External SIP PEERS. Where is the option in DMA ?

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