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[HARDWARE] ObiHai USB Adapter WiFi support

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[HARDWARE] ObiHai USB Adapter WiFi support

Hello all,


Polycom UC Software 5.8.0 or later supports wireless LAN connectivity by using Obihai USB Wi-Fi Dongle with all the VVX phones that support USB (VVX1500 not supported).


EDIT: UC Software 5.8.3 or later, 5.9.1 or later or 6.0.0 also support the Edimax EW-7811UTC


Now VVX phone users shall be able to connect to the network wirelessly with Obihai USB Wi-Fi Dongle instead of Ethernet and all phone services will be available over WLAN network. Polycom UC Software supports different WLAN security profiles like Personal and Enterprise mode for better security over WLAN which are capable of operating on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz radio and these settings can be controlled by the administrator.


Polycom UC software supports wireless LAN connectivity by using Obihai USB Wi-Fi Dongle with all the VVX phones that support USB.  Support for 2.4GHz or 5GHz




  • No other WiFi USB dongles are supported
  • VVX1500 not supported
  • No Video calls or IPv6
  • New VVX250, VVX350 or VVX450 cannot use USB Headset concurrently at present
  • No WiFi and Ethernet at the same time. The phone should be powered via a Power block but can be powered via PoE instead.


  1. Insert the Obihai Wi-Fi USB dongle into the USB port of your VVX phone.

  2. The phone's screen prompts "A Wi-Fi Dongle is connected. Press Start to begin Wi-Fi setup."

  3. Select Start.

  4. Select Wi-Fi then select ON The VVX phone reboots.
    VVX_WiFi_02.png VVX_WiFi_03.png

  5. After the phone has booted up, navigate to Settings → Basic → Wi-Fi to continue the Wi-Fi set up.

    The phone will automatically scan for Wi-Fi networks and lists the available wireless networks. If the phone does not automatically scan, select Scan to manually initiate a Wi-Fi network scan.The phone automatically tries to connect to the saved wireless network, if any.

    On selecting Exit, the prompt window disappears and the phone displays idle screen. During scanning, when you select Cancel, the phone navigates back to Wi-Fi menu.

  6. Select a network in the scanned list and enter security information based on the network type to connect.
    The phone connects to the wireless network based on the network type you have selected.


VVX x50 Obi Edition:


Compatible Phones with a USB port can use the same dongle and add WiFi to the Phone.


  • In order to enable this please press the Home button and select Settings:


  • Select WiFi

  • Select Scan and once done select the WiFi Access Point desired



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