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Headset not hanging up

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Re: Headset not hanging up

Hello all,


Let me try to elaborate this with a different example:


  • A car manufacturer does (usually) not sell directly to the people using their cars

  • A car manufacturer sells their cars via car dealerships

  • These car dealerships have to sell a certain amount of cars in order to keep their accreditation to be an official dealership for the specific car manufacturer.
    In addition the car dealership needs to ensure their employees are trained on the cars they are selling and the garage must be able to provide support to the customers who purchased the car.
    If there is an issue with a car that the car dealership is unable to fix then they contact the car manufacturer who will provide further support

  • The Car dealer may sell cars to individual people or they may sell in bulk to a leasing company or similar groups

  • If there is anything wrong with the car an individual purchased they work with the car dealership

  • If there is anything wrong with the cars an individual purchased from the leasing company or similar organization purchasing cars from an official car dealer in bulk, the individual end customer would work with the people who they purchased the car from, to be brought into contact with the dealership or if they are unable, work directly with the dealership.

  • They would not expect to work directly with the car manufacturer to fix their issue as they simply lack the training and support infrastructure the car dealership has gained

I hope the above explains this in better terms and individuals go forward and work with the people highlighted they should work with.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier

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Merritt Communications
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Re: Headset not hanging up

Hi Francois,


Did you ever get this problem resolved? We may be able to help.


Thank you,


-Drew Merritt

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