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Hosted PBX service providers that support BToE

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Re: Hosted PBX service providers that support BToE

Hi Steffen, sorry to say that I'm back.  I had the PDC running on a Win 7 Home version over wifi and it ran great.  I swapped out that laptop with a Win 7 Professional version.  I can get it to work fine over Ethernet, but not over Wifi.  I've been pouring through my Wifi config settings  and Firewall settings.  The PDC is allowed to pass through.  Any ideas on a setting I might be missing.  has to be a Wifi setting since as soon as I plug in the laptop it works.  One thing, the IP address of the laptop changes due to DHCP when moving from Ethernet to Wifi so I configured my VVX400 to use the URL of the laptop vs the IP address.  All are on the same network that goes over a Netgear Nighthawk router. 




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