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How to bind a softkey to the Corporate Directory?

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How to bind a softkey to the Corporate Directory?

Hi all,


I'm quite sure I did a comprehensive search through the FAQ and didn't find anything related to this.


We are about to get rid of our old Alcatel PBX, and will substitute it with our own VoIP solution and soft SIP clients. However for some employees we will still require to have some physical phones, adn we are making some interop testing with Polycom Soundpoint IP 335 and 550.


We already managed to get the Corporate Directory feature working on them by means of the free trial license, but the thing is that we find sort of unpractical to need to navigate through all the menu tree (Menu --> Fetaures --> Corporate Directory --> Advance Find) in order to be able to issue a LDAP query.


The ideal configuration, will be to have a softkey in the main screen pointing directly to it.


I tried doing it by using the </softkey> configuration header as of in the Admin Guide, and setting "softkey.feature.directories = 1" will show the Dir softkey on the main screen, which saves us two keystrokes, but it isn't exactly what we want. We need to go directly to the corporate directory advance find prompting screen.


So we read a little bit more about the enhanced feature keys and macro definition configuration, but the thing is that amongst the "Internal Key Functions" valid definitions we could find the one that will lead us to what we want, so we were wondering which is the "Advance Find" soft button reference/tag so we could we able to call it from a softkey probably by means of the softkey.x.action attribute.


Thanks in advance,



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Re: How to bind a softkey to the Corporate Directory?

Hello Walter,


welcome to the Polycom Community.


You are basically nearly already there and kind of provided your own answer.


As shown in this FAQ example => here <= you simply add the 2 Key strokes to your EFK Script.


The example above does the same for the Call Forwarding Feature as well:



Pressing the button would then execute your Button Press script. There are plenty of examples in the UCS 4.0.1 Admin Guide on Page 171 and something like:



 should do the trick (based on the Phone of course) but then again you can define multiple examples and use the subsitution functionality so each phone type only uses it's correct applicable (matching key layout) configuration.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier


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Re: How to bind a softkey to the Corporate Directory?

Thanks very much for this post Steffan,


I have added the directory search in the softkey of my Polycom VVX411 connected to a freepbx by the following action



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