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How to fix a bad config? (SoundStation IP 4k)

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How to fix a bad config? (SoundStation IP 4k)

We were shipped two refurb'd SoundStation IP 4000s. One I reset to factory defaults and configured successfully, the other apparently has a bad config and I can't bring it back to a factory default state (I believe there is a syntax error in its config).


I looked around quite a bit and everything I found seemed to say that there is no way for me to reset the config file short of getting a config file on a boot server somewhere and pointing the phone at it. I work at a very small outfit that just had these polycoms connected to an Edgewater, so that doesn't seem to be an option for me.


Is there any other route I can take? Does someone have a boot server with a valid config on it that is accessible over the internet that I can point to?




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Re: How to fix a bad config? (SoundStation IP 4k)

Hi Marshall,

If I'm understanding the issue correctly, then yes, you will most likely require a boot server so the phone can re-aqcuire good software and configuration files.


That said, we recently configured a public HTTP server that customers can leverage to re-provision Polycom phone back to the factory defaults:


Follow the instructions on that page, and configure your IP4000 for:
Server Address:


This is the latest available SIP and BootROM releases for the 3.1.x Legacy devices, and will set the phone to factory defaults with good, stock configurations. You may also want to update the other phone so they are on the same software revisions.




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