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IP 335 LCD Screen Flicker

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IP 335 LCD Screen Flicker

Has anyone ran accross an issue with the IP 335 LCD screen flickering? If so how did you resolve the situation?


Recently, all my IP335 lcd screens have started to flicker.


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Re: IP 335 LCD Screen Flicker

We have noticed varying degrees of quality amongst the LCDs in our phones from unit to unit, and not just within one particular model but across the SoundPoint line.  With the 335s specifically, I don't think I have yet seen a single model that does not have the flicker you describe to some degree (and we have received 335s that cover several hardware revisions and origin of manufacture -- specifically, both Thailand and China); however, there are some that the flicker is barely noticeable on, and others where it's so noticeable that I'd expect the user to go into a seizure.  By "flicker", I should clarify that I am referring to the pixel refresh; however, on a couple of units, we have *also* noticed a backlight flicker as well.  Interestingly, the best-behaved phones only demonstrate the pixel-refresh "flicker" effect when the phone has been idle and the backlight goes to half-intensity...if I press a button on these phones, and the backlight comes back on at full intensity, the flicker stops until the phone returns back to its idle state again, at which point it resumes the flickering.


It's very weird.  It's also crazy the number of variations on this theme that seem to exist across all of the 335s we use ourselves or have installed for others.  I suspect that 1) Polycom is using a couple of different LCD vendors, and each one's product has slightly different traits (some look distinctly more washed-out than others even at the same contrast setting and have worse visibility at off-angles, and there are variations on backlight color and maximum intensity), and 2) there's something not quite up to par with the internal power supply/voltage regulation of the display.


We have also seen differences in contrast between different 450 phones and different 650 phones, and we have also seen some image retention on one of our 650 LCDs!  LCD QA is definitely one area where I'd like to see some improvement.


-- Nathan

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