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IP 335's rebooting randomly/unexpectedly

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IP 335's rebooting randomly/unexpectedly

Hello, I have an office with 8 Polycom phones, 7 of which are IP 335's. Two of these IP 335's show similar symptoms; they'll reboot at random times, such as in the middle of a call, or when the handset is being picked up to answer a call, or sometimes when simply sitting on a desk. They don't do this frequently; maybe 3 times every 7 days for each phone, and not always when there's a user there to witness it (I'm deducing from the TFTP requests I see logged), but now that we've become aware of the problem we're noticing a history.


The other 5 IP 335's in this office appear to be perfectly stable, with great uptime. All are using the same configuration, attached to the network in the same way.


I suspect this is a hardware issue with these two phones as it happens when a reboot (I would think) shouldn't be allowed such as in the middle of a call. Also according to users that have seen it happen, the display simply goes blank, there is no message indicating a reboot is in progress as you would see when choosing to reboot the phone through the on-device menu. These two phones were purchased slightly less than 3 months ago from on online reseller. Does this sound like an issue anyone else has any familiarity with, and if not, is there a department in Polycom support I should contact?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: IP 335's rebooting randomly/unexpectedly

Hello Josh,


welcome to the Polycom Community.


The Support for your Phones is provided by the reseller that has sold you the units.


The Phones usually do not just reboot without issue and the <mac>-boot.log and/or <mac>-app.log will contain vital Information.


I order to capture the event causing the reboot I would suggest to change to an FTP Provisioning method so the phones have a chance to upload their Log files and to append to them whilst running in order to check for errors.


You could also utilize a syslog server as described => here <=


If your reseller is unable to provide you with technical support you can contact Polycom Support via PPI (PayPerIncident) and our support staff in your region will be able to check the issue for you.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier


Polycom Global Services

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