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IP 7000 digit map timeout question


IP 7000 digit map timeout question

So I have a digit map set to the following on 4 IP7000s



I'm having issues with the 10 or 11 digit dial not timing out and dialing on it's own, the customer has to hit "dial" to place the call. How can I enable the time out correctly for these?


Also, I am planning to change the digit map to the below as I thought about it more and realized I had a few "errors". 




9[2-9]xxxxxxxxxT should allow them to the trunk access code of 9, then a 10 digit number starting with 2-9 and have it dial after the timeout correct?


91[2-9]xxxxxxxxxT should allow them to dial the trunk access code of 9, then 1 and 10 digits starting with 2-9 and have it dial after the timeout correct?


[1-9]xxxT does allow them to dial an extension without hitting dial so I am just baffled why the other lines do not work in the same manner. I wonder if my corrected digit map will fix this but I am unable to make the change at this point since it requires a reboot of the phones.


These all are currently running the latest UC software



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Re: IP 7000 digit map timeout question


The FAQ contains a post describing the digitmap and how troubleshoot this. I suggest you change one phone and test this

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Re: IP 7000 digit map timeout question

Thanks for the reply Steffen. I've looked over the FAQ in detail as well as the digit map documentation and it just doesn't seem to be working as expected. I suspect that it isn't matching but the Level 1 logging doesn't show anything in the logs. I'm apparently missing something since the FAQ clearly states I need to turn on Level 1 logging and view the log files via the web interface since I am using version 4.0.11. I'm referencing this post: FAQ-Unable-to-Dial-number-if-Off-Hook-or-on-2nd-Call

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