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IP331 Loses connection to the network

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IP331 Loses connection to the network

I have an odd environment that IO use for training.  I have three IP331 phones and a laptop connected to a switch (the phones on POE ports), then the switch is connected to an Apple Airport Express which then wirelessly connects my phones back to the backbone servers on a Netrgear N600.


I am finding that some of my phones lose connectivity to the network and go into the cycle of failing to get on the network, eventually rebooting, waiting the default number of seconds, rebooting...


The odd thing is the other phones and the laptop on the same switch hooked up through the same Airport Express are all connected to the network and working fine.


Experimenting with it, it seems that if I unplug and re-plug the Airport Express the connection will come back for that phone.


It's just a hunch, but I'm interested in opinions/verifucation: is it possible the MAC routing table (if such exists) in the Airport Express is getting messed up and not allowing the phone to communicate on the nbetwork?





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Re: IP331 Loses connection to the network

Hello gganahl,


welcome to the Polycom Community.


I am aware of certain switches holding a MAC table to prevent an unlimited amount of devices being plugged into another switch behind this port to be able to gain access to a network.


I would raise this question with the manufacturer of the wireless device you are using.


You could try and troubleshoot this via Wireshark but as this is not a Polycom related issue I would advise to check for a different forum covering that technology.


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Steffen Baier


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Re: IP331 Loses connection to the network

Thank you, Steffen.


Aside from the wireless bridge issue, is there anything which might allow the 331 to lose its connection to a server if there is no activity on the phone for several hours?  The phone are set to re-register at 1-day intervals, connecting to a SIP Proxy which also registers the phone for registration routing.


I am wondering if there is something in the phone which causes it to lose its registration if there are no Options messages or other activity to keep it connected.

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