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IP550 Web Interface not displayed

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IP550 Web Interface not displayed


I have an IP550 which will not display a web GUI.  I have two others, and they work fine.  The phone can be pinged.  When I received it out of the box it was using an earlier software version.  I updated to without any difficulties, and the phone seems to have no problems reading the configuration files from my FTP provisioning server.  It registers with my 3CX system and can send and receive calls perfectly.  So all is well, except that when I enter its IP address in my browser I get a blank page - no text or graphics at all.

I set up the configuration files myself, so I know there is no command to disable the web page - no httpd.enable=0 or anything like that.

Could there be some backwater spot I am missing in the phone's configuration memory that is overriding the web page?  I have searched but not found anything myself.

Thanks for any help


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Re: IP550 Web Interface not displayed

Update to the post:

In desperation, I went through the phone's menu and decided to clear out all of the internal settings through a reset to defaults.  I then went through the menu and re-set up the provisioning server and network settings.  Before rebooting the phone, I erased all of the provisioning files for this phone and started afresh with clean files.  Then I rebooted the phone and lo and behold, the phone produced a web interface for me.  I used this to make all of the detailed settings the same as its companion IP550s, and everything is now up and running as it should be.

I have no idea which of these many steps solved the problem, but I suspect a setting inside the phone itself was blocking the page production, and this setting was not accessible to me directly.

Thanks for looking


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Re: IP550 Web Interface not displayed

Hello richs,


you state that the phones where out of the box but are they brand new and purchased from a official Polycom reseller?


They may have been used before as I am not aware that our factory would disable the web interface.


You could raise a case with Polycom support via your reseller to check when these units where shipped from Polycom to the reseller.


As it is all working now it may not be worth the hassle for yourself.


Best Regards


Steffen Baier

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Re: IP550 Web Interface not displayed

Hi Steffen,

Sorry for the delay in responding - hectic here.  The original unit did deliver a web page under the older firmware - it had the "old look" but I could access the page and change settings without problems.  The ability to access the page disappeared when I upgraded the firmware to the latest version.  I have no idea what happened or how it happened, but all works well now.

Thanks for your help, advice and concern!



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