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IP650 - Background Image and Message Centre Number

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IP650 - Background Image and Message Centre Number



I have two queries regarding IP650 phones being provisioned via FTP.


1) Is there an example config to change the background of the IP650 phones to one of the others loaded with the latest firmware?


2) How do I program the number the phone must dial when connecting to the message centre. This is not provided by the call server (3CX) and the user must dial *4 to be connected.


I have checked the user manual and don't understand the variables set out for the background image and cannot find the answer to the message centre number at all.


Many thanks


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Re: IP650 - Background Image and Message Centre Number

Hi icsnettech,


1. All stock configuration files can be downloaded from the product's Support Page. Configuration files are tied to their version of software, so whatever version your phones are currently running is what you'll need.


2. All parameters regarding the Message Center can be found on page A-150 of the SIP Admin Guide, which is also available for download from the product's Support Page. You will need to confirm with your PBX vendor what standard method of MWI their PBX uses.


All configuration parameters are found in the phone's configuration files, which should reside on your boot server. If you're not familiar with managing configuration files on a boot server, we'd recommend reviewing the Configuration File Management White Paper and/or contacting your Certified Polycom Reseller for assistance.



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Re: IP650 - Background Image and Message Centre Number

Hello Simon,


As my colleague James already highlighted the Polycom Admin Guide matching your Sip / UC Software Version should contain all configuration Parameters you are after. 


In addition 3CX usually is able to provision Polycom Phones and you many want to work with their support to implement certain functionalities as they are very familiar with our configuration concept.


In true forum spirit and hoping to help other users when browsing/searching this community please see below as a guideline in order to archive the functionality you are after (based on UCS 3.3.x) but ensure to reference the Admin Guide for further follow up questions and work with your Polycom Reseller.


msg msg.mwi.1.callBackMode="contact" msg.mwi.1.callBack="*4""*4" msg.bypassInstantMessage="1" 


Above does the following:




Configures message retrieval and notification for the line.If set to “contact”, a call will be placed to the contact specified in the callback attribute whenthe user invokes message retrieval.If set to “registration”, a call will be placed using this registration to the contact registered (the phone will call itself).If set to “disabled”, message retrieval and message notification are disabled.



Contact to call when retrieving messages for this registration.


The forward-to contact used for all automatic call diversion features unless overridden by a specific contact of a per-call diversion feature 



If set to 1, the display offering a choice of “Message Center” and “Instant Messages” will be bypassed when pressing the Messages key.The phone will act as if “Message Center” was chosen.


To answer your 2nd query please refer to the UCS Admin Guide Feature <bg/> on Page A – 16


Best regards

Steffen Baier


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