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IP650 Voicemail Access from outside our office

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IP650 Voicemail Access from outside our office

In my office we have the IP650 system.  No one knows how to use it or configure it.  The question we had to day was how do we access our voice mailbox from a different phone. 


For Example: I am working from home and I want to know if anyone has left me a voicemail.  How would I dial into it from my home phone.  I have tried calling and hitting "0" or "*" or "#" but it doesn't work.


If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it.  Thank you.

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Re: IP650 Voicemail Access from outside our office

I regret to tell you that the SoundPoint IP 650 is only a SIP telephone; and can work with a very large number of systems, all of which can be implemented in a very large number of ways. In most VoIP systems, the phone itself has very little if anything to do with the system to which it is attached. To answer your question, is therefore impossible.


I suggest that it is imperitive that you find someone who can support your office phone system. The IP650 has only been available for  a couple of years; starting with the person or company who installed or sold it to you would be your first move. Sorry I cannot be of any more help.

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Re: IP650 Voicemail Access from outside our office

Okay, well thanks for your help.  I'm just a salesperson here, so that's not in my job description, though they think I am the IT person sometime.


I'm not worried about it, I was just wondering if there was a simple answer.  Thank you again.

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