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Including Non-Verified Account Code in Digit Map

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Including Non-Verified Account Code in Digit Map

I have several IP7000's connected to Mitel 3300 MCD (6.0 SP1) which work great.

Now I'm attempting to force users to dial a non-verified account code when calling from the IP7000's.

With no forced account code set, users dial #56 >12 digit account code > press off-hook > 9 > outbound number.

when i force account codes that does not work... I get a busy tone after the outbound number.


Here is my current Digimap



the |#56xxxxxxxxxxxx is the feature key & 12 digit account code.


How can I incorporate a 12-digit account code in there?


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Re: Including Non-Verified Account Code in Digit Map

Hello OrinA,

welcome back to the Polycom Community.


Dialing as you describe will send #56+your 12 digit account code straight to the Mitel. This will be insufficient as you can then not add the 9 and the external number.


Once you go off hook anything you added until then will be sent.

The community's VoIP => FAQ <= contains this post here:


Oct 7, 2011 Question: Phone unable to Dial a number when Off Hook or on 2nd Call in a Conference

ResolutionPlease check => here <=


Above explains how you can manipulate numbers when dialed but at the end you will need to add the string as a whole and then go off hook.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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Re: Including Non-Verified Account Code in Digit Map

Hi All,


I have done the following to force users to dial the 12 digit account code when dialling Long distance.

I have simply included the Feature code (#56) and the 12 digits BEFORE the digit maps for long distance.


hence the following is my digit map:



9[2-9]11 is for 911 emergency (we must dial a 9 first for trunk access

|9[2-9]xxxxxx.T is for a local 7 digit number (we dont need to dial the area code here (in the Caribbean) for a local number

|[1-8]xxx is for 4 digit extensions across the organisation

|0T for our receptionist / Switchboard

|#56xxxxxxxxxxxx9011xxx.T is for Non North American bound long distance (e.g. we dial 9 >011>44 >XXX XXX XXXX for the UK)

|#56xxxxxxxxxxxx91[2-9]xxxxxxxxx is for North American bound dialling (and the wider Caribbean as well)


This way a user is forced to dial the #56 feature code >12 digit Account code > press the green Off Hook button > 9 > destination number.

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