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Interesting VVX600 and Logitech keyboard issue

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Interesting VVX600 and Logitech keyboard issue

So, I have a user who's VVX600 was working fine, then they got a Logitech Wireless MK550 keyboard, and incoming calls stopped. 


We are using Asterisk, and I can see the call ringing her deskphone, but sure enough the phone never rings. 


This is regardless of if Bluetooth is on or off on the Polycom. 


Currently I have the user using a wired keyboard and mouse again, but am curious why/how this could be possible with bluetooth disabled on the phone. 


I've recreated the problem by using the same MK550 in a lab environment on a different PC. 


Another interesting wrinkle is the phone will accept inbound calls for 10-20 minutes before we stop receiving them inbound.  The end user knows the inbound has stopped because I have a Local channel to call her cell phone as well as her deskphone 


Really appreciate anyone taking the time to read this and respond.  Got to admit I'm not too sure where to go from here. 

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