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Issues with Optional Re-Registration on Failover


Issues with Optional Re-Registration on Failover


I am trying to configure optional re-registration on failover behavior as specified by the Ploycom Engineering Advisory 66546. The document indicates that base on the settings provided the IP Phone will only register to the secondary server when the primary fails (a diagram was provided illustrating this), however my phone keeps registering to the primary an secondary simultaneously.


Please assist in providing the best configuration to have the phone registered only one server per instance, primary first then secondary if primary fails...I have provided phone specs and config details


SoundPoint IP 450 

UC Software Version

BootROM Software Version



reg.1.protocol.SIP="1""1" reg.1.serverFeatureControl.dnd="1" reg.1.useCompleteUriForRetrieve="1" reg.1.outboundProxy.failOver.failBack.mode="newRequests" reg.1.outboundProxy.failOver.failBack.timeout="3600" reg.1.outboundProxy.failOver.failRegistrationOn="1" reg.1.outboundProxy.failOver.reRegisterOn="0" reg.1.outboundProxy.port="0" reg.1.outboundProxy.transport="UDPOnly"
reg.1.server.1.failOver.reRegisterOn="0" reg.1.server.1.failOver.failRegistrationOn="1" reg.1.server.1.failOver.onlySignalWithRegistered="1" reg.1.server.1.failOver.failBack.mode="newRequests" reg.1.server.1.failOver.failBack.timeout="3600" reg.1.server.1.port="" reg.1.server.1.register="1" reg.1.server.1.transport="UDPOnly" reg.1.server.1.expires="3600" reg.1.server.1.expires.lineSeize="30" reg.1.server.1.expires.overlap="60" reg.1.server.1.retryMaxCount="3" reg.1.server.1.retryTimeOut="0"
reg.1.server.2.failOver.reRegisterOn="1" reg.1.server.2.failOver.failRegistrationOn="1" reg.1.server.2.failOver.onlySignalWithRegistered="1" reg.1.server.2.failOver.failBack.mode="duration" reg.1.server.2.failOver.failBack.timeout="300" reg.1.server.2.port="" reg.1.server.2.register="1" reg.1.server.2.transport="UDPOnly" reg.1.server.2.expires="150" reg.1.server.2.expires.lineSeize="30" reg.1.server.2.expires.overlap="60" reg.1.server.2.retryMaxCount="3" reg.1.server.2.retryTimeOut="0"
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Polycom Employee

Re: Issues with Optional Re-Registration on Failover

Hi Jam


Can you post the complete configuration? There are many settings that affect this scenario and we'd need to see all the server configuration parameters before being able to answer with a complete and correct answer.


When you post the details please remember to remove any passwords or sensitive information. You should rename the server addresses to "Server 1" "Server 2" and so on. Please make sure they are unique to the servers they are replacing.


For example: you would replace with Server 1 you would replace with Server 2

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Re: Issues with Optional Re-Registration on Failover



were you able to figure this out?


I am having the same issue on SoundPoints(UC4.0.8) and VVX(UC5.1.1) for , where the phone registers to both primary and secondary during the intial boot; however I am looking to register only to primary (and reregister to secondary ONLY in case of an primary failure).

Config XML for redundancy in my case is:


<voIpProt.server voIpProt.server.1.expires="300 "



I have tried multiple variations of 1/0 for server.2.failOver tag, but none seem to disable that "normal' state registration.


According to Technical Bulletin 5844, simulteneous registration is a new feature introduced in UC firmware UC Software 4.0.x.


Is there any way to enable "legacy behaviour" for UC firmware where only 1 registration is maintaned at one time?



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Polycom Employee & Community Manager

Re: Issues with Optional Re-Registration on Failover

Hello Alex,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

Have a look => here <= as this was discussed in the past.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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Re: Issues with Optional Re-Registration on Failover

Hi Stephen,


following up on this thread.

I have configured the phone with DNS SRV setup where 2 servers are being returned by SRV query,

however the Polycom phone still tries to register to both of the servers upon a boot.



Unforutanately, it does not solve my issue, as I am looking for the following logic from phone prospective:


1) Bootup

2) Discover 2 servers (wheather from config file OR SRV query)

3) Register only to primary server

4) If primary, fails  - register to secondary server

5) When primary comes back online, un-register from secondary, RE-register to primary


This way only 1 active registration is maintained at a time..


Can you please advise if this is possible and point me to some documentation, if exists..


Thank you in advance.




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Occasional Advisor

Re: Issues with Optional Re-Registration on Failover



Hello! Were you able to get a response to this post? We are trying to achieve the exact same thing and am running into the same issues everyone has been posting. According to the doc they reference (Engineering Advisory 66546) you (we) should be able to achieve this without DNS. But, the links being referenced only provide solutions where DNS is used. Thank you.





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