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LDAP Corporate Directory


LDAP Corporate Directory

Good morning,



I am trying to experiment with LDAP support in the Polycom phone, but despite having read the documentation,

the Technical Bulletin about good practices and also this forum, it does not work.


When the phone boots, it correctly binds to the LDAP server :

Oct  4 10:11:03 heraclite slapd-backend: BIND#012 => msgid: 1
Oct  4 10:11:03 heraclite slapd-backend: BIND#012 => suffix: dc=ds,dc=local,dc=beip,dc=be
Oct  4 10:11:03 heraclite slapd-backend: BIND#012 => dn: cn=755,dc=ds,dc=local,dc=beip,dc=be
Oct  4 10:11:03 heraclite slapd-backend: BIND#012 => method: 128
Oct  4 10:11:03 heraclite slapd-backend: BIND#012 => credlen: 4

Then unbinds :

Oct  4 10:11:03 heraclite slapd-backend: UNBIND#012 => msgid: 3
Oct  4 10:11:03 heraclite slapd-backend: UNBIND#012 => suffix: dc=ds,dc=local,dc=beip,dc=be

(not sure if it is supposed to do that)


Then, when I do a search, nothing happens. I see no LDAP query, the Polycom simply indicates "No result found".


Debug tells nothing either.


Here is the relevant portion of my config :

<dir><dir.corp dir.corp.address="ldap://" dir.corp.port="389" dir.corp.transport="TCP" dir.corp.baseDN="dc=ds,dc=local,dc=beip,dc=be" dir.corp.scope="sub" dir.corp.user="cn=755,dc=ds,dc=local,dc=beip,dc=be" dir.corp.password="1234" dir.corp.backGroundSync="0" dir.corp.sortControl="0"><dir.corp.attribute"sn" dir.corp.attribute.1.label="Name" dir.corp.attribute.1.type="last_name" dir.corp.attribute.1.searchable="1" dir.corp.attribute.1.filter="" dir.corp.attribute.1.sticky="0"></dir.corp.attribute></dir.corp></dir>


Does something look wrong ?


We are using UCS 4.0.x.


Thanks for any help,


Damien Sandras

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Re: LDAP Corporate Directory

I suppose I do not need to activate some kind of productivity license to get it working with that UCS release ?

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Polycom Employee & Community Manager

Re: LDAP Corporate Directory

Hello dsandras,

Since UCS 4.0.0 plenty of features require no longer a license and older Version can use the free site license as explained in the FAQ here:


Oct 7, 2011 Question: Unable to use Productivity Suite Feature like Call Recording,H323 or LDAP / Corporate Directory

Resolution: Please check => here <=


The release notes for example for the currently latest publicly available UCS 4.0.2 => here <= mention on page 4:


Understanding Phone Platform Features and Licenses

As of release 4.0.0, UC Software supports the Productivity Suite, which includes features such as a Corporate Directory, Visual Conference Management, USB Call Recording, Polycom Desktop Connector, and Exchange Calendar. Upgrading to current UC Software automatically enables the Productivity Suite; no license is required. The Voice Quality Monitoring (VQMon) feature will continue to be a licensed and paid product.



Did you actually activate the corporate directory feature via feature.corporateDirectory.enabled="1" ?

Is this a valid address dir.corp.address="ldap://" ?


I would suggest you add a log.level.change.ldap="0" and then check the logs.


If you still have Issues I am quite sure you are aware how to bring this to the attention of our support organization.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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Re: LDAP Corporate Directory

Hi Steffen,



Actually, the solution was simple... Specifying a second attribute corresponding to the phone number was required.

I was expecting the Polycom to use the standard field specified in the search request answer, but I was wrong!


Thanks for the answer,



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