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LDAP directory - different first-use experience

Jonny M
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LDAP directory - different first-use experience

I have recently followed the FAQ item ( to allow my users to search our Active Directory for contacts. I have ensured all staff have an IP Phone and a Mobile entry listed for their user, and this works great - I added a feature key to go straight to the directory, and search works as it should.


However, the first time the handset boots and a user goes into the directory it lists the entire contents of my LDAP from the BaseDN. Every time this directory is opened after that point it is blank and requires people to enter a search term. I did find this referenced in a post from earlier in the year - and while it explains the same issue, I don't think the resolution is quite what I am after. I can see what "dir.corp.viewPersistence="0"" does - it retains the last search result the next time the directory is viewed. I am looking for a way of presenting the contents of the directory to the end user and them having the option of scrolling through the list or searching - currently they are forced to search.


My LDAP config is:


<sort dir.corp.sortControl="0" />
<vlv dir.corp.vlv.allow="0" />
<cache dir.corp.pageSize="16" dir.corp.cacheSize="64" />
<addr dir.corp.address="ldap://dc01.corp.domain" dir.corp.port="389" dir.corp.transport="tcp" />
<baseDN dir.corp.baseDN="OU=Staff,DC=corp,DC=domain" dir.corp.filterPrefix="(objectclass=person)(!(objectclass=computer))(ipPhone=*)" dir.corp.scope="sub" />
<sync dir.corp.backGroundSync="1" dir.corp.backGroundSync.period="3600" />
<view dir.corp.viewPersistence="0" />
<attr1"sn" dir.corp.attribute.1.label="Last Name" dir.corp.attribute.1.type="last_name " dir.corp.attribute.1.filter="" dir.corp.attribute.1.sticky="0" />
<attr2"givenName" dir.corp.attribute.2.label="First Name" dir.corp.attribute.2.type="first_name" dir.corp.attribute.2.filter="" dir.corp.attribute.2.sticky="0" dir.corp.attribute.2.searchable="1" />
<attr3"ipPhone" dir.corp.attribute.3.label="Extension" dir.corp.attribute.3.type="phone_number" dir.corp.attribute.3.filter="" dir.corp.attribute.3.sticky="0" />
<attr4"mobile" dir.corp.attribute.4.label="Mobile" dir.corp.attribute.4.type="phone_number" dir.corp.attribute.4.filter="" dir.corp.attribute.4.sticky="0" />
<login dir.corp.user="sv_polycom@domain" dir.corp.password="password" feature.corporateDirectory.enabled="1" />


While I am asking the question, I can see the filter is:




Which is searching for objects that are a person, not a computer, and has non-null value for ipPhone. Can this filter accept an OR statement e.g. list all people that aren't computers that have an ipPhone OR mobile number listed?



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