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MWI with Multiple Registrations

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MWI with Multiple Registrations

I currently have a number of IP500 and 501 handsets that are registred to our primary and secondary Asterisk based server.


The primary contains the voicemail with the secondary mailbox disabled.


I have found that when the phones do a re-registration (every 3600 seconds) to the primary, if a message is waiting the MWI will flash however when it then goes to re-register to the secondary the MWI goes off.


Is there a way to tell the polycom to ignore any VM on the secondary?


I found this Asterisk bug post explaining my issue but as they say, it's a Polycom issue rather than Asterisk. THe slight difference with that post is that I do not have any mailboxes on the secondary.  I can't enable mailboxes on the secondary as when the users dial the mailbox access number it would always goto the primary mailbox.


Any advice appreciated as our users are missing messages and getting frustrated!


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Re: MWI with Multiple Registrations

Hello Sc00by,

welcome back to the Polycom Community.

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In addition it is always useful to include the currently used software version as issues experienced may already be addressed in a newer release.

This also allows yourself and others to check against current software release notes.

Therefore the Polycom VoIP FAQ contains this post here:

Question: How can I find out my SIP UC Software Version or the BootROM Version of my Phone?
Resolution: Please check here

The linked article describes a different issue as they mention multiple SIP registrations and your case is one registration to multiple servers.


Usually the phone subscribes to a Voicemail and the Server would send a NOTIFY for the Subscribed mailbox. If the Mailbox is not active on your second server the server should not respond to any subscription attempts.


I am unsure why you have setup two different registrations as I would suggest an DNS entry so the first server always responds and only if it is down the 2nd server would be used.


You may also want to look at this document => here <=


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Steffen Baier

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Re: MWI with Multiple Registrations

I think I have got round this (but need to probably wait a week or so to hear back from the users) by following the last entry at the following post

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