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Manual Handset Re-Provision

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Manual Handset Re-Provision



I wondered if you could help me with an issue I have affecting 100+ Polycom handsets. They are all using SIP 3.2.0 and BootRom 4.31.044.


Previously they had all been provisioned by our provisioning server, and then over time dispatched to remote sites across the UK. These remote locations have no visibility of  the provisioning server, and as such have remained functioning using their existing configurations as loaded on initial provision.


We now have an issue whereby we need to alter the outbound proxy on all of these devices.


Using a sample test device (Polycom 330 with above SIP/Boot loads), I have pointed this handset at a different Outbound proxy, via the Phone and Web Gui’s. On reboot the handset immediately fails to contact boot server (as expected) and then defaults to its local config, returning to its original un-wanted outbound proxy address.


I was under the impression that a Polycom device used the following order to configure - Phone Gui overrides, Web Gui overrides and then Local Config. Or is this dependant on the handset being actually connected to the provisioning server to write these overrides back to it ?


Is my only alternative to format the file system, then manually configure the handset via the Web Gui?

I am trying to avoid having to return the devices for a re-provision via our server, or a phone swap out for a new device that has been preconfigured.



Thanks for any advice forth coming.

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