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Microbrowser 406 Error on IIS8, Soundpoint 550

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Microbrowser 406 Error on IIS8, Soundpoint 550

I moved my microbrowser page from IIS7 to IIS8 and now I get the 406 Error.  I had this problem with IIS7 also and fixed it with a mapping for the *.html files.  This same fix is not working for IIS8.


The page I'm trying to display is very simple, just a small graphic and our address.  I'm going to assume something needs to be tweaked on the web server.  IIS is the #2 web server after Apache so there must be a solution for this.  I found another post here where somebody said this was outside the scope of this forum which seems pretty disingenuous.  The small web page does work on IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  It even works on my car's web browser.  


The page displays perfectly on the two Panasonic KX-UT670 IP phones we are testing in our organization.  I can't be the only person with this problem.  Please help.


Here is one of the pages we are using (back on IIS7 for now):



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