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Microbrowser sip 501,550 refresh?

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Microbrowser sip 501,550 refresh?

I wrote a simple app for my polycom sip 501 and 550 phones, and it works great, the only problem is the microbrowser when I hit the app key loads the page fine, but it caches it if I exit so the next time I go to it it displays the same thing without refreshing. I can force the refresh by pressing the refresh soft key, but is there any automatic way to refresh either by disabling the caching so each time I press the button it reloads, or a JavaScript method (I don't think JavaScript works on the 591 or 550 microbrowser)

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Re: Microbrowser sip 501,550 refresh?

Hello Vinnie881,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

According to the Web Application Developer’s Guide 3.1 (Your SPIP501 can only run SIP 3.1.7 so this is the latest guide) we do support HTTP refresh headers. This can currently be found => here <=


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Steffen Baier

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Re: Microbrowser sip 501,550 refresh?

It did not work  I added 

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5"/>


and nothing changed, the only way I can refresh is via a button push using


<softkey index="2" label="Refresh" action="SoftKey:Refresh"/>


any other idea's?

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Re: Microbrowser sip 501,550 refresh?

I'm having the same problem, no refresh (and no errors) on:





<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5" />
<title>Pine Cay Weather</title>
<body><table border="1"><tr><td>WANDA</td><td>Sun</td><td>Aug</td><td>17</td><td>2014</td><td>12:11</td></tr><tr><td>Temp</td><td> 80</td><td>RH</td><td> 86</td><td>SlrH2O</td><td> 50</td></tr><tr><td>WSpeed</td><td> 16</td><td>WDir</td><td>E</td><td>WSmax</td><td> 27</td></tr><tr><td>Rain</td><td> 0.04</td><td>Solar</td><td> 157</td><td>Cistern</td><td>40682</td></tr><tr><td>KWHRhr</td><td>0.000</td><td>KWHRdy</td><td>  0.0</td><td>BarInHg</td><td>29.99</td></tr></table></body></html>


Everything works fine, it just doesn't refresh (computer and IOS web browsers refresh OK).


Still inoperative on new IP-670 running SIP



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