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Missed Calls

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Missed Calls

I am looking for a solution for my VVX 500's running firmware 5.1.3.  In our global provisioning files for this model, we are turning off the following setting to avoid members of a group or queue getting tons of missed call notifications.


feature.callListMissed feature.callListMissed.enabled="0" />


In our previous firmware(5.0.1) we had this turned off, but the missed calls still showed up in the recent call list, even though they did not create a notification on the home screen.  With the firmwars 5.1.3 up to the latest firware, if this setting is turned off the missed calls are not present at all in the recent call list. 


Is there a workaround or another setting that I can reenable this so missed calls get logged in the recent call list?

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