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Multicast issue- Polycom VVX 310-Algo 8180-Juniper switches

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Multicast issue- Polycom VVX 310-Algo 8180-Juniper switches

Hello all ….

I’m looking for any light that can be shed on an issue I am having with our Polycom VVX 310 phones (UC software version

We have an Algo 8180SIP Audio Alerter configured by our voip vendor to send pages on the behalf of our phone system. Pages are initiated by pressing *42 then your zone number. (0 for all ) When sending an all page to all our Zones (an all page)…the 8180 will take the RTP stream transmitted by the pbx, and send it out to the phones as a multicast udp stream. This all works fine on the local subnet that includes the pbx, 8180, and phones on that subnet. It does not work across the vlans\subnets to the rest of the phones.

I have  sparse mode PIM setup on our Juniper network (ex3300, 4300 switches) – have IGMP snooping enabled and spares mode PIM with a static RP address pointing to the RP (our campus core switch (4600)I’ve tested multicast traffic with a testing application that creates a stream (runs on windows) and have had several clients join the stream on other vlans…so I feel like my mulicast config is correct. I’ve also involved Juniper support, who are currently still scratching their heads too.

I’ve done captures of the 8180 and a phone in a “remote” vlan. The IGMP group reports get produced by the remote phone…but don’t make it to the 8180 at Only the local phone IGMP reports make it to the 8180 and join the group\stream.

Is there anything I’m missing that I need to do between the phones, alerter and switches?? I’v e already tried disabling “Storm filtering” on the Polycoms- no difference…

Any help is appreciated …….  Dennis

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Re: Multicast issue- Polycom VVX 310-Algo 8180-Juniper switches

Hello Dennis,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

This sound pretty simple as I would suggest just comparing a working Phones wireshark trace via a spanned port in comparison what arrives on a phone that does not work.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services


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Re: Multicast issue- Polycom VVX 310-Algo 8180-Juniper switches

Thanks for the reply Steffen 


It hasn't proved to be simple thus far...... the difference between the phones is the ones that work are on the local subnet..... there's no config differences on the phones. I was hoping there was someone out there with polycom phones on a Juniper network that uses a paging device that could help...



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