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Need help w/ PolyCom VVX 450 connection from home
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Need help w/ PolyCom VVX 450 connection from home

Hello!  I am having quite the trouble getting my PolyCom VVX 450 set up for remote work from home.  The phone was provided through my work (a veterinary center) who uses Comcast.  I moved 4 hours away and my internet service is Spectrum.  I was told I would just plug the phone into the modem w/ an ethernet cable and it would work.  The modem and wifi are all set up and working great.  However, there is not place in the modem to plus in the phone.  I have it plugged into one of the 4 ethernet ports in the back of the wifi router, as well as in the LAN port on the phone.  At the top left of the phone is a phone icon w/ a red circle w/ an X in it.  When I pick up the phone there is a dial tone, but when I dial and press send it gives a busy signal, no matter what number I call. When I try calling in from another phone it goes to voicemail and only shows up on my Comcast business app linked to my cell phone.  I have call forwarding off on the phone and through Comcast business.  I have consulted through our IT department who says everything should be working fine (they walked me through a ton of troubleshooting suggestions, all were normal).  I am waiting for a response from Comcast, who has escalated it to their engineering department.  I am very frustrated w/ all of this!  I am the first employee to work remote for this company, so I don't have anyone else to base mine off of.  I am able to use my cell phone through Comcast business to make calls, but I really need the actual handset to work.  Figured I'd hop on here and see if anyone has any suggestions.

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Re: Need help w/ PolyCom VVX 450 connection from home

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Usually, this should just work but you may have to use >port forwading< on your router to ensure the relevant ports are passed to the IP of the phone. The above completely depends on your Router and we cannot advise you how to set this up.


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The important ones are:


  • 5060 / 5061 for the SIP registration
  • 2222 to 2269
  • 80 / 443 to access the Web Interface of the phone (depends if you have admin access)


To find your phones IP:


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