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Options for tweaking displayed elements on idle screen

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Options for tweaking displayed elements on idle screen

Hello, folks.


I'm just finishing setting up some SoundPoint 321's for our office, including a one-line XHTML page in the microbrowser to show the agent's logged in status on the idle screen.  The text shows up, and it mostly works like a charm.  There are two things that bug me, though, and I'm wondering if anyone knows how to fix them:


1. There's a solid black line underneath the microbrowser text, which is a little unsightly and IMO unnecessary.  I've tried adding and removing line breaks and whitespace to the body of the XHTML to see if that would do anything, but it's always there.  Not a big deal, just not "perfect".

2. On the top line of the display, the date/time always alternates with "1: 78" (which is line 1 registered with SIP username 78--not very important information for us)  Is there anyway to suppress this SIP registration info, and just show the date/time full-time?  It would be much less distracting.


All-in-all, we love these phones!  Looking forward to putting them out on the floor soon...



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Re: Options for tweaking displayed elements on idle screen

Hello cmdrwalrus,


welcome to the Polycom Community.


Can I bring this post => here <= to your attention?


This also shows the line in the HTML example. It also mentions the Time & Date being affected. There is no way to my knowledge to disable to show the Line Registration Name.


Above query is current status working as designed and any changes to the standard phone behavior / design need to be raised via your Reseller to your local Polycom SE with a business proposal to justify the change.


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Re: Options for tweaking displayed elements on idle screen

Thanks for the response!  I suspected there wasn't anything to do about it, but I thought I should ask in case I was missing something. 


It's certainly not a big enough issue to put together a business proposal.  It would probably be more cost effective just to upgrade to a phone with a bigger screen. :-)


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