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Opus audio configuration paramaters

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Opus audio configuration paramaters

Can we get documentation on the opus audio paramaters which are supported on the VVX500/600. It'd be nice to know what the parameters do and their proper values.




Also, is Forward Error Correction (FEC) support for OPUS already builtin or coming in an update?

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Re: Opus audio configuration paramaters

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Jan 14, 2015 Question:Finding the default values for configuration parameters for Polycom Phones?

Resolution: Please check => here <=


Parameter Name Range Default
voice.audioProfile.Opus.appType VoIP, Audio, LowDelay VoIP
voice.audioProfile.Opus.BitRate 8,12,16,20,24 24
voice.audioProfile.Opus.BitrateMode CBR,CVBR CVBR
voice.audioProfile.Opus.Complexity 0 - 7 7
voice.audioProfile.Opus.DTXset 0 - 1 0
voice.audioProfile.Opus.LSBdepth 16 16
voice.audioProfile.Opus.MaxBandwidth 4 or 8 8
voice.audioProfile.Opus.MaxCaptureRate 8 or 16 16
voice.audioProfile.Opus.MaxPTime 10 or 20 20
voice.audioProfile.Opus.MinPTime 10 or 20 10
voice.audioProfile.Opus.numOfChannels 1 1
voice.audioProfile.Opus.PacketLossPercentage 0 0
voice.audioProfile.Opus.pTime 10 or 20 20
voice.audioProfile.Opus.SampleRate 8 or 16  16



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