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Overwriting config file values with secondary file(s).

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Overwriting config file values with secondary file(s).


UC 5.5.X

VVX-3/4XX phones.


I'm trying to figure out the rules surrounding what values can be overwritten (or deleted) by loading a secondary config file.



Provisioning server creates <mac>.cfg file, with the setting CONFIG_FILES=main.cfg.


In main.cfg, I have 2 EFK's, and 2 softkeys that call the macro(s).

efk.efklist.1.action.string="<action string>"
efk.efklist.2.action.string="<action string 2>"

I need to remove/replace EFK 2 and softkey 2 via adding a second cfg file in <mac>.cfg


CONFIG_FILES=main.cfg, custom.cfg

and custom.cfg contains:

efk.efklist.2.action.string="<new action string 2>"

What's odd, is that:

  1. The efk.2 gets replaced with the new configuration variables.
  2. But softkey.2 does not get changed.
  3. But I can add a softkey.3, and when added, calls the new efk.2 successfully.

I've also tried to delete softkey.2 by setting the softkey.2 variables used to "0" and Null. Nothing seems to change or delete them.

If I could even change the softkey.2.label entry to something other than what it is and where it's located on the screen I'd be happy. At the moment, I can't seem to do anything to it.



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Re: Overwriting config file values with secondary file(s).

Hello @allenu ,


Welcome back to the Poly Community. Your post originally ended in the Spam filter but I have released it.

I have just edited several FAQ posts to include and detail the information that configuration values provided using the config_file section are read from left to right. Meaning if a value is placed in a single or different configuration file and value 1 enables a feature and value 2 disable this feature only value 1 is prioritized and value 2 is ignored. The same is applicable the other way around.


The only way to overwrite a config file value is to import a configuration via the Web Interface or making a change via the Phone UI.


Jun 27, 2018 Question: How can I determine what source or order a configuration value came from or what is the priority of this?

ResolutionDetails => here <=


Please note that the software used by yourself is no longer supported. A currently supported version is UC Software 5.9.6

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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Re: Overwriting config file values with secondary file(s).

Steffen -

This doesn't make 100% sense to me.

I can change an existing efk via the later file, and I know in the past where I've change things like reg.1.label via a secondary file.


I am also now testing on UC 5.9.0


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