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Paging Button Availability

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Paging Button Availability

I have enabled the integrated Paging functionality using ptt.pageMode.enable, and am able to send and receive pages on all of our phones without issue.


The Paging button is available on the IDLE screen, and you can press and hold the softkey, or press it and press the group 1 to send a page.  If you lift the receiver, the phone gives you dialtone and the Paging button goes away.  To page, you either need to initiate the paging function before you lift the handset, or lift the handset and press End Call, then initiate the paging function.


I have looked into creating a softkey (efk) called Paging that will show up in the DIALING context, but the Paging function doesn't seem to be available in the Macro.  Is there any way to make the Paging softkey available in the DIALING context?  We have VVX 310, VVX 500, and VVX 600 phones.


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Re: Paging Button Availability



In the phone gui you should be able to export the config to check what the macro for the paging is.  Once you have this you can create a softkey for it:


    <feature.enhancedFeatureKeys feature.enhancedFeatureKeys.enabled="1"></feature.enhancedFeatureKeys>


    <version efk.version="2" />
        efk.efklist.1.action.string="**THE MACRO FOUND IN THE EXPORT ALL**"


     softkey.1.action="**THE MACRO FOUND IN THE EXPORT ALL**"
     softkey.1.precede="1" - this depends if you want the softkey before or after the default keys
     softkey.1.use.idle="1" - this will enable the key in idle mode
     softkey.1.use.alerting="1" - this will enable the softkey when the phone rings
     softkey.1.use.hold="1" - this will enable the softkey when the phone is on a call and on hold
     softkey.1.use.dialtone="1" - this will enable the softkey when off hook



Hope this helps





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Re: Paging Button Availability



Misread the original post...


In order to find out the macro for paging you will need to look at your PBX configuration...


It will usually be a star or hash code - for example Broadworks is *50 for Push To Talk


So the macro you need to enter will be dependant on your PBX.


Hope this helps





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Re: Paging Button Availability

Hello Eric,

welcome to the Polycom Community.


As already outlined by Dave the phone's can be customized using so called EFK's

The community's VoIP => FAQ <= contains this post here:


Nov 25, 2011 Question: How can I change the functionality of a softkey button / use EFK?

Resolution: Please check => here <=

The new example 5 show's what you want to archive. You can simply import the attached example configuration.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services


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