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Paging puts active call on hold.

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Paging puts active call on hold.

Phone Information Phone Model VVX 410 Part Number 3111-46162-001 Rev:A MAC Address 64:16:7F:94:F8:B7 IP Mode IPv4 IP Address UC Software Version Updater Version

i have problem when group pagging arrives phone puts active call on hold .

below is my config files with exported config file from phone as well.

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Re: Paging puts active call on hold.

The below instruction assumes you are referring to the Multicast PTT feature supported by the VVX phone.  If the paging feature you are using is third party (e.g. Broadsoft group paging over SIP), then the behavior will not follow the parameters the phone uses for Multicast PTT.


You will want to export the phone backup from the Web Configuration Utility of the phone (from Utilities > Phone Backup & Restore) and look for the following parameter:




Per the 5.6.0 Administrator's Guide, acceptable values for this parameter are:

  • 0 (default) - Group pages do not play out on the phone during an active call except for Priority and Emergency pages.
  • 1 - Group pages play out on the handset during an active call.



If the parameter is not found in the phone backup then it is currently set at the default value of "0".  If that is the case, you may be receiving pages from Priority or Emergency groups, which will always have this behavior.


If the parameter is currently set to "1" then you may want to use the Web Configuration Utility to import the attached configuration file (from Utilities > Import & Export Configuration), which will set that parameter back to the default value of "0" -- you will need to extract the .zip file before attempting to import the contained .cfg file to the phone.

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Re: Paging puts active call on hold.

i'm not using phone paging , i have configured it same like intercom
i have attached two config files one of which is my another working system's file it has  alert-info="sipXpage" while where it is not working has alert-info=''RDZMQBJf"
tell me if i have missed something.

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Re: Paging puts active call on hold.

Hello @milansuthar ,

welcome back to the Poly community.

Some or a couple of your old post(s) or reply(s) to them => here <= are still open/pending as you have not marked these as "Accept as a solution" or at least provide some form of feedback or answer.

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Could you therefore kindly go over them and mark or answer as appropriate?

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For your new issue, you are telling the Phone to Ring and then answer. This method will obviously do the same if you are in a call or not.


Oct 25, 2011 Question: How can I change my Ringtone or Ring in a special manner for a certain incoming call?

Resolution: Please check => here <=

The above FAQ describes this in detail. You can use a tool like Notepad++ to check for differences between the "working" configuration and the nonworking one.


Or use paging which all of our current phones have built-in via the PTT/Paging functionality.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

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