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Pair don't working

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Pair don't working

Hi everyone,


i try several times to pair my Polycom 8800 real presence kit, but when i complete the procedure of pairing appear this message:


"This phone has lost its connection to the romm's RealPresence Trio Visual+"

Polycom version:

If i Try to update to the last version then come back to this version. I don't understand why.


I impot one configuration of another kit in my company that works fine but this one don't working.


Thank for your support

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Re: Pair don't working

Hi @Gianluca Anversa,


have a look at the FAQs in this Community, especially these:


Jan 16, 2018 Question: Why does Skype for Business online upgrade/downgrade a Polycom phone software?

Resolution:This can be disabled as shown => here <=


Mar 30, 2016 Question: How can I pair a Poly Visual+ with a Poly Trio?

Resolution: Please check => here <= for details



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