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Pass Value to Microbrowser VVX310

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Pass Value to Microbrowser VVX310



I'm trying to set up a page on the microbrowser that displays data specific to the phone that it is running on (so different phones will show different data).


I'm wondering if there is a way to pass a value to the microbrowser in the configuration so that I can retrieve that value in the browser and identify the phone.


I tried using a GET request and adding the value to the microbrowser URL but it seems to clear the value that I add - 





<mb.main mb.main.home="http://serveraddress/page.php?value=1234" />

In the example above, the phone goes to the proper page but if I try to run $_GET['value'] there is nothing set, and when printing out the URL to the screen I only see serveraddress/page.php


Is there something that I am doing wrong when entering the URL that would cause this to not work, or is there a more direct way to pass a value to the microbrowser?


 Edit: For completeness, the phone this is being tested on is a VVX310 running

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Re: Pass Value to Microbrowser VVX310

Turns out my cfg file wasn't actually updating with the changes. The GET request is working when it is applied, please ignore this question.

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