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Plantronics HW251 doesn't work with CX600

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Plantronics HW251 doesn't work with CX600

Hello Polycom forum,


I'm the Lync sysadmin, so I get to play with all this fun stuff that the other people would like to try.  Recently our office manager purchased a bunch of HW251s to go with our CX600 phones.  Then she bought the adapter cable that is awesomely not included.  After this we connect them to the phone and...nothing.  No sound at all either sending or receiving.  I looked around and haven't found an option where you have to enable the headset or anything.  Is there some sort of special voodoo that I'm missing here?



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Re: Plantronics HW251 doesn't work with CX600

Hello MysticBiscuit,


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Did you enquire with Plantronics if this Headset and cable is compatible with the CX600?


A simple test of the Headset functionality is to plug the Handset into the Headset Port.


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Re: Plantronics HW251 doesn't work with CX600

Yes, it was listed as being compatible.  It turns out that the vendor mistakenly sent us 251N, which require an amplifier.  The office manager is going to return all the headsets.

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Re: Plantronics HW251 doesn't work with CX600

More info for CX600 users:


When you buy headsets, as you discovered the bottom cable or amplifier is not included.  That's because different phones require different cables or amplifiers, each with different wiring configurations and amplification.  In your case, with both sending and receiving volume being dead that tells me you have the incorrect bottom cable.  You need what's called a Polaris Cable # 27190-01 to plug the headset into.  With that, any Plantronics H-series headset will work fine.


Good luck from Headsets Direct!

-Wayne from Headsets Direct
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