Plantronics W740 Headset not hanging up VVX 601

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Plantronics W740 Headset not hanging up VVX 601

I am using a VVX601 SIP phone running application version with an attached Plantronics W740 SAVI 3-in-1 DECT headset connected via hookswitch (P/N 38439-11, APP-51).  I have my VVX601 set to Plantronics EHS and the headset button does pick the calls up, but does not terminate them when done.  To end the call, I need to press the headset button on the VVX601 or the phone button on the headset base (both of which end the call/hang up the headset).


For me, this really isn't an issue as I can simply press the phone or base buttons to end the call.  I just know that some of the people I support will find this unacceptable.


Any quick fixes for the problem?  I have a W720 with the same issue, but only one member of my staff uses it and doesn't care that it doesn't work and uses the base button.  I also have a few W730's that work fine, same setup (VVX601, Hookswitch, Plantronics EHS mode).


I wasn't able to find this in my search, so forgive me if I missed the thread(s) and thanks for the help.

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Re: Plantronics W740 Headset not hanging up VVX 601

All set.  Called Plantronics, resubcribed the headset with them and that took care of it. 

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