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Polycom 330 Factory Reset strangely not working

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Polycom 330 Factory Reset strangely not working

Hi,  we  have a Polycom 330 we are trying to get back to factory reset where we have the admin menu with all the menu options. The steps we have taken are as follows:

1. power recycle to reboot

2. on boot count down timer - press and hold simultaneously 1,3,5,7 on the keypad

3. we get the password screen where we entered the 456

4. this brings us to screen that says "Configuration Reset"

5. it reboots

we come back after reboot and from Setup - still do not get the Admin menu. Instead, we have DHCP and other network settings to step thru.


What are we missing?


Note, we have tried the factory password instead of the default 456. The factory method also seems accepted and follows thru the same cycle as above.



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