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Polycom 550 remote display

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Polycom 550 remote display



I recently moved to a new company.  They gave me a Polycom 550 to use at my home office.  I am still bulding my home office so my phone is in one room and my PC work area is in another.  Is there anything I can do to be able to dial and see who is calling from the other room?  I have a wireless headset.  Is there any typ of display dial extended?  Or since thge Polycom is connected to my network can I have the Polycom display on my PC?

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Re: Polycom 550 remote display


If your company is using Lync, then you could use the BToE connector, however this is only available for VVX devices, not the 550 since they are considered a legacy device.


In the case of the 550, you'd probably have to build something that ran on your PC, and it would make the API calls to query the phone state/make calls etc, or use actuin URLs to have the phone notify your PC of it ringing etc, as detailed in this document:


However some of that functionality may only be available on the VVX, not the SPIP series.


My suggestion would be that you get a softphone for your PC to use in the short term until you can install your phone near your PC.

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