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Polycom 650 Enhanced BLF

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Polycom 650 Enhanced BLF

We have enhanced BLF enabled on our Broadsoft platform and have seen in the Polycom admin guide that the SIP 3.2 release has "The ability to remove spontaneous call appearances from incoming calls on monitored lines".


Could someone please let me know what this is refering to and how I would go about customising it? I've had no luck in finding more information on this.


Thanks in advance

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Re: Polycom 650 Enhanced BLF

Hi Gman,


The following parameters control spontaneous call appearances. To remove spontanous call apperances, set the parameters to 0.


Normal Call Appearances:


Automatic Call Appearances:



If you set the parameters to 0, the normal or automatic call apperances will not be presented to the attendant. If you set the parameters to 1, the calls appearances will be spontanously presented to the attendant when a monitored line recieves an incoming call.





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Re: Polycom 650 Enhanced BLF



that fixed the issue we were having

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