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Polycom DHCP Options VVX600 and Infoblox option 66 or 161 Not working?

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Polycom DHCP Options VVX600 and Infoblox option 66 or 161 Not working?

Polycom Community,
                     Recently we have been manually configuring our polycom VVX600s and pointing them to our provisioning server. We are using Infoblox as our DHCP Server and putting in 


Option 66/161/160 ftp://pftp:Randompassword1234@ of FTP Server) the phones aren't seeing this


We have option 42 for our time server configured as our DC for time and the phones still don't have the correct time. 


 Option 3 we have the web server FQDN configured as the web internal fqdn but as hex


Option 120 is our SBA converted into hexadecimal


Option 4 web server port 443 converted


Option 5 /certprov/certprovisioningservice.svc converted to hex


Even after all of these configurations the phones aren't seeing the options. We have checked the firewall to make sure its not blocking FTP but that's not the case. The phones aren't even seeing the options. We have also checked inside of the phone in the web gui to see what option it's reading. We have moved and changed the options in the phones to see if they can read 161, 160, or 66 and none have seemed to work. Not sure what could be causing this. We have also each once checked the options over and have cleared and reboot the phones. When we manually provision the phones they reach the FTP server no problem. 


 UC Software Version
Updater Version 5.7.18267

Lync 2013 

Sonus SBC 1000/2000


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Re: Polycom DHCP Options VVX600 and Infoblox option 66 or 161 Not working?

Hello mekadaniels,

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Question: How can I find out my SIP or UC Software Version of my Phone?
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Use a spanned / mirrored port and use this:


Aug 24, 2015 Question:What basic network data is send and received by a Polycom phone?

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Re: Polycom DHCP Options VVX600 and Infoblox option 66 or 161 Not working?

Did you ever get a resolution to this issue?  We are haveing the same problem with VVX201 phones and Infoblox.

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Re: Polycom DHCP Options VVX600 and Infoblox option 66 or 161 Not working?

Yes we were able to get this set up for us. We had the options put in infoblox but the Voice VLAN wasn't set up properly. Also checking if the ports are configured properly as well. - Meka

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