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Polycom Provisioning Server - Override Files Contain Passwords

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Polycom Provisioning Server - Override Files Contain Passwords

In testing, I noticed that some override files stored on the provisioning server have full credentials in them.


A) What would cause the phone to write the credentials to the override file vs. phones that do not exhibit that behavior?

          If appears that phones using SIP and not Lync, write their credentials.


B) What do I need to do to make sure no phones write their credentials in the override files?

           I want override files to be written so settings can be saved, just not credentials.



UC software


We mostly have VVX 400/410 phones.  Some IP 7000s.




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Re: Polycom Provisioning Server - Override Files Contain Passwords

Hello Sean,

welcome to the Polycom Community.

The SSIP7000 would use a completely different software version than the VVX400.


Can you please provide more details on the exact versions that are in use and what exact files are uploaded and contain what kind of passwords?


Usually the <mac>-phone.cfg or <mac>-web.cfg would only contain a backup of SIP usernames but not passwords but we have had customers in the past who did not understand how phones are provisioned and used the same file names to provide the phone with credentials.


These files should not be touched and only the phone would create and upload these as a "backup" of their configuration minus the passwords.

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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Re: Polycom Provisioning Server - Override Files Contain Passwords

Thanks.  I understand that the IP7000s would use a different version of code.  


In the provisioning server we have a generic config file set for IP7000s and other phones that may need to register to Avaya via SIP.  Some sites do not have Lync voice.  We have experienced this with the TRIO as well.


When the phones get provisioned, we send SIP server settings via the provisioning server and then the user just has to enter the line authentication credentials locally on the phone.  When the user registers the line via the phone UI, an override file [MACADDRESS]-phone.cfg is uploaded to the provisioning server and it lists the "reg.1.auth.password=xxxxxxx" (xxxxxxx is the password for the extension).



IP7000 software version:

TRIO software version:




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