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Polycom Trio 8500 - Audio Problems

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Re: Polycom Trio 8500 - Audio Problems

Hi - I'm having exactly this problem with a RealPresence Trio 8500.


"We a a problem with the speaker voice quality during a call.

If the microphone is muted the voice quality of the integrated speakers is excellent.

But if I activate the microphone the voice from the speakers is interrupted/intermittet and hard to understand..sometimes louder sometimes quieter."

That describes it exactly.

It's also reproducable with the inbuilt Audio Diagnostics tool.

MAC: 64:16:7F:1D:A6:10

S/N: 64167F1DA610


Can you advise me on the what the resolution could be?

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Re: Polycom Trio 8500 - Audio Problems

They were non-helpful. The claimed that the unit must have been a refurbished unit. I bought from the internet and both units as far as I noticed were new. Both were terrible. I am not doing anything at this point. Wish you luck.
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