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Polycom Trio 8800 Zoom Room Integration

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Re: Polycom Trio 8800 Zoom Room Integration

Hello @Bgendron,

welcome back to the Polycom Community.

The community's VoIP FAQ contains this post here:


Jan 19, 2012 Question: How to troubleshoot Polycom VoIP related Issues?

Resolution: Please check => here <=


The first step would be to get some logs

Please ensure you always check the community FAQ and/or utilize the community search before posting any new topics or follow up post’s.


The next step if this fails is to open a service ticket.

In order to raise a support ticket you need to work with your Polycom reseller as they need to do this for you.

End Customers are unable to open a ticket directly with Polycom support.

If this is some sort of an Internet discounter please post either your phone's MAC address or your Polycom devices serial so I can look up who would be able to support you. This may not be who you purchased the Polycom device from.

If the unit is no longer within warranty please be prepared to Pay Per Incident / PPI. This is all outlined in detail here

Please ensure to provide some feedback if this reply has helped you so other users can profit from your experience.

Best Regards

Steffen Baier

Polycom Global Services

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Notice: This community forum is not an official Poly support resource, thus responses from Poly employees, partners, and customers alike are best-effort in attempts to share learned knowledge. If you need immediate and/or official assistance please open a service ticket through your proper support channels.
Please also ensure you always check the VoIP , Video Endpoint , Skype for Business , PSTN or RPM FAQ's
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Re: Polycom Trio 8800 Zoom Room Integration

Hi Thomas,


I've been following the same manual on the Zoom website today. My goal was to have a standalone Zoom Room using just my Trio without another Zoom Rooms computer and no secondary lines on my Trio. After following the manual, I was still missing the steps to complete on my Trio. I found a few more things online:


1. in your Polycom Trio, go to "Provisioning Server" and enter "" as a server, username and password from your Zoom Room (e.g. <serialnumber>@polycom-device, check the specific room settings for this) and set "HTTPS" as a server type

2. reboot your devices


Eventually, it will pull a new provisioning profile from the Zoom servers. This has some specific settings to get the Zoom Room running. You can then also see all the settings you configured in your Zoom Admin Portal on your device.


Currently I still see "error" in my admin portal but I'm sure I can figure this out.

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Re: Polycom Trio 8800 Zoom Room Integration

In reply to @Bgendron, and to apologize in advance for the delay as I don't regularly check the message board, just when prompted by @SteffenBaierUK


No, the Hybrid Line configuration posted on the FAQ as of 11/13/2018 is not correct any longer as Zoom has changed some of their addresses for meeting entry since that post was created.  I will work with @SteffenBaierUK to correct and post an updated configuration.


In short(long?) you have three options with Zoom:

1) Native Zoom Room Mode - This runs the Zoom Software exclusively removing the ability.  As pointed out by many, this precludes the Multi-Ecosystem.  Meaning you cannot simultaneously register to Zoom and Skype for instance.  This is not a Polycom solution, but rather a Zoom solution which we have worked with Zoom to bring to the Polycom Trio reducing the total cost of a Zoom Room Deployment.  This mode does not leverage the Visual Pro nor the Visual+ component of the Modular Room, but rather connects to a PC or Mac running the Zoom Rooms Software provided by Zoom.  In this mode you maintain the Zoom "Look and Feel" as well as all features provided by Zoom. This is the recommended deployment model for zoom customers.


2) Polycom Multi-Ecosystem Mode - Zoom Registered - This runs the Polycom SIP stack which provides for concurrent registration to both Zoom and Microsoft Skype, as well as other openSIP compatible ecosystems.  In this Zoom Registered Mode, the device will register as a configured endpoint into Zoom's relay service.  This will provide the ability to direct dial the endpoint through the directory as the endpoint is configured in Zoom's address book, however, you will not gain access to the Zoom Address Book from the Zoom unless that data is mirrored to an LDAP directory or configured manually/provisioned into the Trio's Local Contacts.  Additionally, you will not have features such as roster while in the zoom meeting as these services are not extended through the zoom CRC service for SIP endpoints.  For access to those features, you must also join via a laptop in the meeting room.  This is the recommended deployment model for Zoom customers who require both Skype and Zoom, or Zoom and some other ecosystem concurrently for their meeting spaces.  Calendar processing may come from the zoom service, however it is recommended to configure the calendar to speak direclty to Exchange and configure the Trio to understand the zoom invitations natively.


3) Polycom Multi-Ecosystem Mode - Zoom Unregistered - This model is focused exclusively for Polycom customers who are not actually Zoom customers but who regularly will meet in B2B scenarios on another company's Zoom Bridge.  This is the solution referenced by the FAQ, and is running the Polycom SIP Stack meaning that this is multi-Ecosystem capable.  This provides an unregistered line which will grab the zoom meeting invitation and dial directly into the meeting.  Operationally, this mode is similar to number 2, with the exception that this device does NOT appear in the zoom address book as it is not a registered entity with Zoom.


In all three scenarios, you will be able to provide One Touch Dial capabilities directly into a Zoom Meeting.


For all three options, please consult your Zoom Representative/Reseller for questions regarding license implications.

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Re: Polycom Trio 8800 Zoom Room Integration

Hello @Brandon_Guy and @SteffenBaierUK, Any update to the Zoom config file changes with the new addresses for the hybrid line configuration?
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Re: Polycom Trio 8800 Zoom Room Integration

@Brandon_Guy and @SteffenBaierUK,

Any word on updated hybrid line configuration for the Trio and Zoom?

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Re: Polycom Trio 8800 Zoom Room Integration

Our Polycom Trio's are setup with dual registration - Skype for Business for PSTN calling as well as Skype for business conferencing and natively registered to zoom. We have been able to do Single click to join on Skype and Zoom meetings. I am not sure if that is what folks are trying to acheive but if you are then we have it working. 


Happy to help provide details. 

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Re: Polycom Trio 8800 Zoom Room Integration



Me also trying to integrate zoom with Polycom trio 8800.I am also stuck in between configuration.Can you please help me out with the complete procedure.I think you have successfully configured




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Re: Polycom Trio 8800 Zoom Room Integration

Hey @snhs that would be great if you could forward that info. Are you using the Zoom-Registered-L3 type files? I see it's out of date, you fellas by chance know where I can grab a working hybrid file. I also don't know exactly what to enter in there.

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Re: Polycom Trio 8800 Zoom Room Integration

That would be really helpful if you can share some details. We're trying to accomplish this exact setup.

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Vikas mfi

Re: Polycom Trio 8800 Zoom Room Integration

Really Helpful

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