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Polycom Trio (Visual+) dial plan / digit map (SIP with IP)

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Polycom Trio (Visual+) dial plan / digit map (SIP with IP)



Trio and Visual+ Firmware: 5.9.0 AB


I'm using a Trio registered (SIP) to A Video Border Proxy.

Everythings working fine, except for making SIP calls with a specific uri including an IP address.


The customer wants the trio to be able to dial string that look like this:



Calling actual sip uris, like: "" works fine, but the trio doesn't seem to know what to do with the string including an IP address.

Looks like the trio just drops the the "@ipaddress" and tries dialing thepart in front of the @ directly.



My Question is:

Is there a way to allow the trio to dial strings like the above one.


If not, how would I implement the Trio digit map dial plan to translate a specifc Ip to a specific domain? I've been playing around with the later, but didn't get anywhere.

For example, could I translate "example@" to "" using the digit map on the line?


Thank you very much in advance,


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Re: Polycom Trio (Visual+) dial plan / digit map (SIP with IP)

Are you able to fix it. I have a similar issue when try to dial EP with its IP

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