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Polycom VVX 400 Stop Subscribing MWI (message-summary)


Polycom VVX 400 Stop Subscribing MWI (message-summary)

Have a polycom vvx400 that recently started acting weirdly. When a vm is left the MWI indicator is luminated, however if the handset was to be rebooted it no longer shows the mwi as if no voicemail was left.


A check of the sip  trace after the reboot indicates no subscribe was made for the mwi. Is there any feature setting in the polycom that could have changed


please assist



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Re: Polycom VVX 400 Stop Subscribing MWI (message-summary)

It has been a while since I have dealt with this, but if I recall correctly, many PBXes will send out unsolicited or "blind" NOTIFYs for MWI, where if a mailbox matching a given extension gets a new message added to it, the PBX will send a NOTIFY to that extension regardless of whether that extension explicitly SUBSCRIBEd or not.  I believe that Asterisk does this.  Of course, if the endpoint is not SUBSCRIBEing for MWI notifications, as it would appear is the case with your phone, then it makes sense that after a reboot, the notification light would clear and only re-illuminate when another new message comes in.


I believe that Polycom UC will not send SUBSCRIBE for MWI automatically without "msg.mwi.x.subscribe" (where 'x' is the registration you want to get MWI notifications for, usually '1') being properly set in your provisioning config file.  Are you setting "msg.mwi.1.subscribe"?


-- Nathan

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Re: Polycom VVX 400 Stop Subscribing MWI (message-summary)

Thanks for your response. I added the code msg.mwi.x.subscribe to my configuration for each line configured on the phone






It seems to have done the trick as immediately the MWI started blinking, the phone was rebooted and after the lines were rebooted the MWI was still showing hence confirming that the line resubscribed for MWI after registration.


The only pending issue is that one of the line on the phone is configured as type="shared" and after taking a packet captured this was the only line still not subscribing for MWI. When the same line is changed to type="private" then it started subscribing immediatley



Any suggestions in getting this working for shared lines?




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Re: Polycom VVX 400 Stop Subscribing MWI (message-summary)

Another mystery is that these phones were deployed years ago have been doing MWI perfectly (as it seemed) without issues and without the msg.mwi.line1user.subscribe configuration. So its a bit challenging on the mind to understand how can for the past few weeks we have been seeing this issue when for almost 6 years  we have had no complaints.


I guess my other question would be, is it possible that the subscribe from the phones for MWI could have been triggered by the SIP server after registering the phones, and due to some issue on the server this as stopped now causing these sparatic complaints, I checked the rfc docs and didnt see anything explicitly supporting this.


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Re: Polycom VVX 400 Stop Subscribing MWI (message-summary)

We are having the same issue, is this a bug in firmware 4?

When we have these parameters:


and reg.1.type="shared" then Polycom does not SUBSCRIBE to the message-summary event


But if we set reg.1.type="private" then the Polycom does SUBSCRIBE to the message-summary event.


Setting it to private disables SCA though :(


Any ideas here?




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Re: Polycom VVX 400 Stop Subscribing MWI (message-summary)

Hello vipkilla

Please state the exact version of software your are experiencing this.

Please raise this with your Polycom reseller so this can be brought to the attention of Polycom support.

Best regards

Steffen Baier

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Re: Polycom VVX 400 Stop Subscribing MWI (message-summary)

Unfortunately, this model Polycom is out of warranty so I am out of luck...

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