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Polycom VVX-600 Keeps Hanging up Calls

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Polycom VVX-600 Keeps Hanging up Calls

I have a Polycom VVX-600 phone at the office including other VVX-500 phones in the business.
This phone was actualyl RMA'd over a month ago to Polycom because the original phone would press buttons on the touchpad by itself. It was weird.


The new phone now hangs up calls right in the middle of the conversation. This happens while I'm using the handset, speakerphone or a headset. It's getting to be crazy frustrating at this point.

I was wondering if anybody else was having these issues with these model phone and knew what the solution was?

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Re: Polycom VVX-600 Keeps Hanging up Calls

Hi Vikan


Is there anything in the logs at all? Are you able to do a caputure to see why the call is being dropped? What version is your software and what PBX are you using?


I would imagine it would be to do with your call server rather than the phone - a trace/caputre would provide the best insight as to why the call is actually being dropped..





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