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Polycom VVX201 - Skype Edition vs. Non-Skype

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Polycom VVX201 - Skype Edition vs. Non-Skype

Hey everyone,


we ordered a handful of VVX201 and somehow ended up with the Skype for Business edition, which when registering with our sipXcom PBX gets stuck on the post-boot "Signing in as" screen (which I believe is asking for a Skype for Business login). I'm 80% sure this is due to the firmware on the unit being specifically built for SfB, and we're trying to use it in an environment that doesn't utilize this feature (it's just a plain old in-house PBX).


Can I flash the firmware on these units to function as a non-Skype VoIP phone, or should it work regardless (e.g. the SfB edition can support Skype, but can also be used as a regular VoIP PBX phone)? I'm running out of other potential issues for troubleshooting this; we have ~400 VVX300 that work just fine, as well as a few non-Skype VVX301 that also work without any of these symptoms.


Thank you!


Addendum: After flashing them with the latest firmware from the Polycom website, they still revert to the Skype "Sign In" screen on boot.


For fun, see if you can spot the difference:


Do I have any recourse here except swapping out the device for a non-Skype model?

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Re: Polycom VVX201 - Skype Edition vs. Non-Skype

I think I found the solution in this thread:


Simply press 1,5 and 3 together to factory reset. After this comes back press 1,4 and 9 together to set to Generic Profile.

I'll give this a go tomorrow and report back.

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Re: Polycom VVX201 - Skype Edition vs. Non-Skype

Hi @cornwella,


you don´t need to factory default the unit. Go to the GUI of the VVX and switch the Base Profile under Simple Setup and you´re done.

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